Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lets rock and roll.

Heres some more A U T U M N inspirations!
These are the product mainly of, well the realisation that is sometimes okay to conform to mainstream fashion houses, just so long as: a)I don' see every teenybopper wearing the same clothes as me, and b) if I put my own style two cents on the outfit- like an excessive amount of bows ( whether it be in the hair, or a bow tie), pretty socks/stockings, or flowers in my hair ( how I miss that!) This outfit is mainly derived from that deadly case of fashion block which I realise is basically a shift of my personal style- not so much a shift I suppose, as more of a blending of two very different tastes. I have always been the girl routing for designers like Erin Featherstone and Chanel, i'm not really a fan of Alexander Wang and Balmain, on the other side of the fashion spectrum. My favourite designers never fail to be ethereal and feminine designs- but what im taking new interest in is those slightly less girly designers ( I wouldnt go so far as to say Wang, but...something similar?) with cleaner and simpler lines, inspired by certain punk styles. Trash kitsch chic could be a little harsh, but something along those lines.

I will most definitely be buying this sweater and the pants from General pants soon, the boater- well, Marc Jacobs...enough said, and the shoes are from Topshop -also (SADLY) inapplicable.
I like this outfit very much as it is laid back and low maintenance, as well as chic and slightly pretty with the shiny boater and gorgeous lavender multi- strap heels! I can see myself walking around the city with long slightly wavy hair under this boater, as well as possibly frilly white socks just over the tights.

I have also ( after going into Sydney's flagship store for the first time a few weeks back) fallen in love with a few things from American Apparel. I had, truthfully heard bad things about it from my slightly more fashionable friends, but I would have to disagree! ( okay, yes there is some seedy see-through "dresses" in there, but I ignore them) I really like the amount of body suits they have ( there might be a lavender one!) and they also have AMAZING black shiny stockings which I will be getting.

Still at American Apparel, I also have a huge love for this dress which my friend wore to a party a few days ago- and I will get it now too! It suited her really well and she looked amazingly pretty (how I love Ali's sense of style) so I think it could look good on me if I wore it correctly. I think I will either get the silver one or the navy blue one. Its a perfect party dress and it's just so gorgeous and beautifully fitting- and because of its simplicity, it can be accessories easily! (I'm thinking my shiny fishnets from a few blogs back)

All for now, au revoir.

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Ellie said...

I really have to find a boater. Pretty sure I say that every day.