Saturday, April 11, 2009

sad face!

Yesterday I lost all the faith that I had in General pants (people told me it was an evil consumer company!), of course I am being entirely over dramatic, as I already have plans to go back there in two days time ( I am an optimist!). This whole bit comes about as yesterday I travelled into the city ( they have 3 general pants stores within walking distance) to try and find those red plaid tights and that black striped sweater from a few blogs back...I had saved up my pay cheque and figured out that it'd be cool to spend $130 on clothes, even though I am going to Japan in less than a weeks time for 10 days, on a student exchange ( I need clothes to wear in Japan don't I?) and after visiting every store in search of them I asked the lady at the flagship store- she looks up on her high tech computer that tells me that they had pretty much sold out of every single one of both of those products in NSW, there may be one in random shopping malls ( im visiting random malls on Monday and Tuesday- so wish me luck) but apart from that, no luck.
I was saddened!

Heres some unrelated photographs of me chillaxing in my kitchen, wearing a top of my mum's from the 80s and thigh highs... I thought i'd start displaying some of my old photos on this blog, especially the ones of me in the house, as it is soon to be my old house as im moving to Newtown! very exciting, in less than a look forward to more random me chillaxing in half-arsed outfits in a NEW setting, and a very pretty one at that.
Thus concluding my random irrelevant blog post- I promise I'll post somthing even slightly related to fashion soon. On my mind now: adorable cropped tees (in a colour like grey marl or a black or white) with a pretty skirt and stockings...perhaps shiny ones...

au revoir.


Stono Caves said...

You're moving to Newtown?! Wow, like two families I know have moved there this year.
Miss you, darling. Hope to see you soon.

P.S. You look stunning in those photos.

Ellie said...

I am so impressed with myself that I actually know where Newtown is! I've never been to Australia before, lol. Good luck witht he move.