Sunday, April 5, 2009

sometimes parties can be fun...




From My dear friend Samm's party last week.
I went with the silver dress but all the photos containing me are too embarrassing to post here- and you cant really see anything anyway. I do aim to take appropriate party photos one the moment however I am more than happy blinding people with the flash when they least expect it


Monika said...

great photos :)

Monika said...

i don't liek her...but i understand you, haha. i prefer 80s warhol :)

Monika said...

ps: i hate that she's so hyper. overrated little bitch, lol.
NICO would desvere all the fame Edie gets :P

Monika said...

Oh yeah, i would rank her as a Style Icon :)
i see you like The VU :)
great taste :)
I'll add your blog to my favourites, if you allow it?!