Monday, April 13, 2009

Debbie Harry style...but I'm wearing underwear.

I bought this top today- the writing is actually the opposite way in person, but meh. I like it...kinda reminds me of Erin Wasson's 'cowboy' one, even though I'm not such a big fan of her. The t-shirt is Casette society, a nice brand, even though the face of it is Zippora Seven, who I still remain indifferent to, im not sure if I dislike her particularly or like her..oh well im off to walk my dog, MAX.
Later on though i'm going to a party! Hopefully photos will be taken. I'll be wearing this t-shirt. Have a lovely day.
au revior.


Ellie said...

Cool shirt. Weird that it's backwards.

patricia said...

the fact that the lettering is backwards made that shirt ten times more epic