Thursday, February 11, 2010

photography #2

Again, none of these are taken by me, just like the first random picture update that I posted a couple of days ago---
I do apologize for my negligent blogging of late. The renovations being done to my house were supposed to take two weeks...currently, I have been nomadic for over a month. Yesterday, I finally went back home, sleeping on the couch, sans internet. The house isn't anywhere near finished but it now tolerable enough for one child to move back in to their home. So right now, I sit at Newtown Gloria Jeans, enjoying my free 40minutes of internet, after my purchase of a white hot chocolate with caramel---yum!

The pictures are just images from my "p r e t t y " folder on my computer, I posted pretty much all of my images from that folder with people in it.
I love pretty much every single outfit that is in these pictures!
P.S I just want to say a h a p p y b i r t h d a y to my best friend Kate, who is eighteen today!
au revoir ♥

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fritha louise said...

all such pretty pictures, lovely!