Monday, February 15, 2010

I blame my heritage

S w e d i s h

C l o g s !

O.K I admit that this is sort of a strange thing for one who desire oh so badly-- but I do!
I really want a pair of light wooden sandal-y style cloggs! The ones in the pictures are from the brand Swedish Hasbeens -the brand has been more internationally recognized recently, as Sarah Jessica Parker has been sporting these babies about town. The ones I want are situated in this little Swedish design store in Sydney ( I forgot the name of it, otherwise I would've looked them up and posted pictures of the exact ones haunting my mind with thier prettiness/quirky-ness).
I can just see these looking so lovely with a chambray dress or top, or with anything white for summer. I can still see these looking very cute with a pair of black tights, or some grey socks in winter.
I think I shall save up and invest in a pair of these--they're just so unusually sweet. I say unusually, because clogs traditionally are so very structured, that they become impossible to be sweet. These do both, but they will act as a lovely complimentary contrast to my wardrobe filled with lightweight, frilly, pretty clothes.
They have a perfect sized heel for the day times also!
so, on my list- Swedish-style clog sandals.
au revoir! ♥


the girl that stole the eiffel tower said...


i'm not really into clogs..
although i have a lovely unusual pair of little pink irregular choice ones, theyre very japanese.

but i love your blog!
its one of which i read regularly, it always makes me smile!

and it carries me into this lovely, frivolous, dream-like girly haven state of mind..
i love it!

i tried to comment before but it didnt work, and the word verification for it was Doriank.
it reminded me of dorian grey..:)

now the word verification is Facks.
not so lovely.


The feather fleurette said...

thankyou! thankyou! thankyou!
That is one of the lovliest comments I have ever recieved! I am so happy your enjoying it! I love love love writing it. I dont have a large following, but its so nice to hear that those who follow my blog have such an interest as yours! You have three blogs! I have explored a couple of them, that are cute also :)
haha and i love the dorian grey reference. oscar wilde = love.
and facks = hella amusing
thanks again!