Friday, February 26, 2010

muses !

♥ T e n e s s e e + A l e x a !

I'm dealing with pretty serious new found love for Alexa Chung and my favorite, Tenessee Thomas recently. My lovely friend Nush gave me the link to an amazing Alexa tumblr, that has been inspiring me non stop!
After looking at countless photos of alexa and Tenessee, I have come to the conclusion that their relationship is so much like that of mine and my best friend Kate's. We tried to cast ourselves as either Tensessee or Alexa, but came to the conclusion that we should both be both.
Enjoy the eye candy and the clothes! ah! As Rachel Zoe would say...I DIE.

au revoir! Have a lovely weekend~


tab said...

tennessee thomas! she was the drummer for the like

The feather fleurette said...

she still is the drummer for the like!
and shes now the drummer for she + him.
i want to hold her and love her hahaha
shes genius!