Saturday, January 16, 2010


A w o r d ( + a few p i c t u r e s ) f r o m me !

I know I have been a bit of a delinquent blogger these holidays, they started off with so much promise! I thought I would have all this time extra to blog, and I figured every time I go out, I'd just get my friends to take outfit pictures, so I could deliver what I have promised so many times about the outfit posts...
The blog will be in a little bit of a 'grey area' for a while, as I have to live out of a suitcase, rather literally, for about three weeks as my house is undergoing renovations (again!)...suffice to say that I am less than thrilled.
The good news is that when I move back into my beloved house, and room, I will have an newly decorated room, which will be a fun process (albeit a tad stressful as I move back into my room already into my senior year of schooling)... but, blog-wise it shall supply me with a new space to take outfit photos in! I am hoping to set aside an area just for taking said photos, and then I'll be able to be a proper blogger like The cherry blossom girl and Liebemarlene!
But for the meantime, I leave my darling readers with a few images of some amazing bloggers' beautiful outfit posts---:::is it just me or do outfit posts always look nicer in nature? I know, a bit hypocritical after my rave about a new indoor space paragraphs above, but I cant help it, I have always been a romantic.
A U R E V I O R !

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