Sunday, January 3, 2010


1940 's C a r d i g a n s
At the moment, I am really loving cardigans a la the 2008 movie-- The edge of love, that stars Kiera Knightley and Sienna Miller, and revolves around the life of poet Dylan Thomas.
Although I have not yet seen the movie, I have wanted to for a while since I first saw pictures of Kiera and Sienna in costume. It is not only the interesting and pretty amazing plot line that draws me to it, but it the stunning costume design of the movie makes me want to see it just that little bit more....
The 1940's style cardigans and sweaters in muted colors I love the most:::
I love the cable knit of the sweater below, and the grey is so lovely. Grey always pairs so nicely with pink in my opinion, many a nice outfit can be compiled from this baby. I know this is yet another winter-ey type post in the middle of summer, but the weather has been so anti summer recently that its hard not to get a little bit inspired to throw on a lovely 40's style cardigan, boots and stockings! Hopefully, I'll be filled with summer inspiration shortly---I am frantically searching for little peter pan collared blouses which would look lovely with a skirt at the moment, that's kind of luck so far though! Wish me luck, Im looking for a white and a black cotton revoir. ♥

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