Tuesday, January 12, 2010

B e c k y F i l l i p

B e c k y F i l l i p !
This Becky Fillip is quite fantastic. She's in a pretty little American band called 'the honey trees', has her own Etsy store and she has her own Flikr, full of her lovely photography. These are my favourite works of hers, which can be found in her Etsy store as prints::CHECK I think they are just beautiful, each girl is evidently different but there is this wonderful cohesion that holds each of the girls together. That being that they all share a lovely head of brunette hair, and each has a magical sadness that surrounds them. I also like how they all have different stories, I think the first girl is representative of the sea, with her holding the ship, and how her curls look like waves in a rough sea... I think the second girl has some sort of a connection nature and animals, due to the fawn and how her hair is the most naturalistic and untamed of them alland the third I believe is representative of air, as seen by the stars on her headband and collar, and the birds she has befriended.

...And that's just how I fathom her lovely illustrations. They make me want to put on a lovely blue-hued dress, curl my hair and run around on the beach at dusk....anyone else get that feeling? (haha) The middle one is my favourite, I see myself most in her.

At the moment I am listening to the middle east, this song is so beautiful, much like these pictures::
blood--the middle east
au revoir~

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