Sunday, January 10, 2010

my lastest obsession

♥ ♥
I'm not really a bag person, I'm not one of those people that have hundreds of bags for different occasions, I have about five bags in total, with pretty much each of them being vintage. On New Years Eve, my favorite little vintage quilted black bag (that I got for 99c at a thrift store in America) broke, much to my dismay.
So I have been thinking that a large, chanel-style tote bag would be the replacement! I have loved the look of these for a while, they're such good 'blogger bags'... you know, big enough to hold a camera, even a tripod if need be. For me, it means I can bring my camera easily to places and also fit in my wallet and book to read on the train....
Aren't they pretty?
(the photos are from and london revellion)
au revoir!

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