Sunday, January 3, 2010

i stood tip-toe upon a little hill...

I went to the shopping center the other day and I got a lovely little collection of things, a collection of things that I found so lovely that I felt obliged to blog about them.
These are small things that make me happy---
kikki. k. stationary. All stationary, really, but kikki k makes stationary so simple, clean and it makes organization look ever so lovely and pretty. I got a little box (which currently holds my collection of crayons and glitter glue, and sits on my desk) and a folder in the same natural brown paper outing thing (having issues describing the exterior of said stationary, just look at the pictures) which I shall use as my HSC Advanced English folder.
polka dot tights! finally! Technically, I bought some a few days before New Years eve, then wore them on NYE, only to have a huge guy emerge from the bushes screaming, scaring the shit out of kate and I, leading to me ripping my stockings with my heel :(
That saga being over, I have replaced them--from target (thanks to my reader who told me they were there!)
Turquoise and silver glitter nail polish. Right now, I am wearing both. I have a love for glitter nail polish and I have a bronze and a gold, but not a silver which is strange as silver is one of my favourite colours, so I thought it time to get on the silver-nailpolish bandwagon...the turquoise one, too.
Also, I got a pretty sweet peter pan collared blouse today! Pictures later.
au revoir.

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