Sunday, January 17, 2010

fare thee well

B y e ! .... B Y E !

O.k well I am off for my living out of my siutcase 'trip'. For the first week I will be up the coast, visiting beaches and exploring rock pools every day---that excites me. My next two-ish weeks I will spend at my best friends' houses, and that will also be amazing!
So it won't be all that bad. I wont have much internet access, though.
So I'll try to update when I can, maybe when I am at my friend's houses' I can go back to posting pictures, ect...but until then it is internet cafe o'clock.

As my room now has nothing in it, I thought I'd do a small outfit post, I am wearing my favourite dress, a vintage 70's one bought from Liebemarlene's store and shoes I bought the other day- they're so cute!

So, until I don't know when..
au revoir!

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Rhiannon said...

Wow, I remember this dress!!! It looks so cute on you. :)