Friday, December 25, 2009

stockings, beanie and a sweater please.

I ns p i r a t i o n :::
Christmas in the N o r t h e r n Hemisphere!
Looking at all the pictures from my favorite European/ North American fashion blogs, I have become jealous of the cold weather that they experience during Christmas. If nothing at all, all the Christmas memorabilia (i.e. all the snow-related things) that we have in Australia would be far more relevant if it was cold! Not to say that I don't love the unbeatable combination of summer holidays, Christmas and New years coming all at once, I'm just so inspired by all the northern-hemisphere influences that I feel like pulling on a pair of stockings and a big coat, to supplement the flimsy top and skirt I wore yesterday.
So here's some of my inspiration, perhaps it will inspire you also!(this is my favourite look-- I forgot where it is from, but I am in love with it all! The colour pallet, the tights/black boots, the amazing grey cable knit sweater and the cute beanie!)

(this is from Quirky explosion, a blog I stumbled across a short time ago + I love her outfits!)

(from migonette (she looks a lot like the cherry blossom girl, huh?). When winter rolls around, I think I shall be re-creating this outfit- I love it!)

(this is from alicepoint, it is her sister- whose hair I am IN LOVE with)

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