Wednesday, December 2, 2009

cool british hipsters?

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O.K so maybe not all of them are British, but they are most certainly cool. These are the kind of girls who I would describe having that quintessentially cool-without-trying-to-be-cool, tomboy look I posted about a few blogs back.

I love their rustic aesthetic, how they incorporate and blend neutral tones and masculine silhouettes and still end up looking dainty and feminine. It must be somthing to do with the unruly hair, that strangely sits exactly as it is supposed to. I'll admit I think I am in the wrong sort of mind frame here, posting these pictures on the second day of summer. This is really more of an autumn look, but the weather hasn't helped me out much here--- 1st day of the Australian summer = 19 degrees? What is this!?
Also, does anyone else think that the girl in the last picture looks uncannily simmilar to Audrey Hepburn? Although I doubt Ms. Hepburn rolled.

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