Sunday, December 13, 2009

See is for

I said it would happen. That the innovative and purely creative Hannah Mac Gibbon would bring Chloe right back to its entitled glory, after that failure inherited the label a few years ago .
I also predicted that the chain stores would start copying her designs, making them available for those who cannot afford to spend their life savings on Chloe shoes...

and I was right.
I found these in the Australian chain store, Forever New yesterday. I had to buy them. They are so true to the original Chloe half-bow shoes I have been dreaming of. I was awe-struck when I saw these on the models for the Chloe show a few seasons back which I like to call one of my favorite collections ever. I thought the idea was so simple, a half bow. Simultaneously appearing both feminine and structurally masculine and modern. So when I saw forever New's (not very orginal) take on the Chloe heeled sandals, I had to buy them. After buying them, I am poor, but anyone who knows me is well aware of the fact that I need to buy new flat shoes. I am renown for buying shoes half falling apart with the attitude of "it adds character". Alas, I have bought these new babies and I love them!
I think its a few days until Christmas now, I have only been on summer holidays for three days and I have already lost count of the date. I love Christmas! It is such a shiny time of year, everything alight, everything glistening, and people seem generally happier. Not because of the material goods they are receiving, surely. I just think it is generally a time of merriment. Having splendid holidays are we all?


(the original heeled Chloe half bow shoes)

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