Wednesday, January 5, 2011

W a n d e r B I R D

W a n d e r B I R D !

Any long-time readers of the blog will know that I think Lula magazine is just about the best thing. Ever. I am kind of sad that I haven't had a chance to get issue 11, but I've been stalking all the editorials online, so I suppose I've gotten a little bit of my Lula fix. I love the fact that the Mulleavey sisters, the geniuses behind Rodarte guest edited the issue, despite the fact that I've read a lot of online reviews that said they found the issue anticlimactic...sad.
Judging by this beautiful editorial "Wanderbird" Lula still hasn't lost its romantic, mysterious, ethereal and dark way making it still number one in my book!

A u R e v o i r !

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