Thursday, January 6, 2011

Asos s p r i n g 2 o 1 1

A s o s !

I've been quite in love with for ages now. They have some lovely brands like TBA and the ASOS brand itself has some great pieces. The label have many adaptations of big name designer pieces at much more affordable prices which is excellent for those on a student budget, much like myself. This collection is ASOS's spring 2011 collection and I think it's great!
My favourite look is the one above- I can't wait for the collection to launch on the site so I can buy that dress! I love the asymmetrical neckline and the thin one-shoulder. I also love the juxtaposition of the black segments and the yellow well as the large pleats.
The collection is split up into a few sections as seen on Refinery 29 including a 'costa rica' section that I am not so fond of...I think I like the nude looks best (seen below).
However, what I like best of all about this collection is the styling. The models cropped, messy hair and the olive socks/leopard print heels accent the clothes well, creating a simple, clean look to the whole collection. I also love the nude colours of the dresses being paired with splashes of colour like the navy blue cropped jacket or the salmon belt in the bottom left picture.
Anyone know when the collection is for sale?
♥ A u R e v o i r !

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