Friday, January 14, 2011


P r e s e n t s !

Although Christmas was a little while ago, I thought I would preview some of the lovely things I received. I am so lucky to get these amazing presents!

1. Vera Wang 'Princess perfume. This is my favourite perfume, I was running out so I needed a replacement! 2. I got Virginia Woolf's novel " A room of one's own" from my best friend Kate. I've had a deep love for Virginia Woolf ever since I read 'Mrs Dalloway' so I wanted to read more of her work. 3. Journal from my parents- its amazing, it has a deer on it!

3. My "creepy doll bag" as my brother so lovingly refers to it. He gave it to me for Christmas and it is such a cute tote bag, perfect for university. 4. A Speakerbox. I first saw these in Frankie magazine a little while ago and thought they were such great speakers!

5. Paul + Joe cat lipstick. I bought these for myself because I just love them so much. The cats are too funny and the covers are so pretty! The shades are nice, too. They are sheer, yet shiny which is nice for me as I don't wear much lipstick.

Hope you guys got some lovely things, too.
Au revoir!

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Chelsea Lane said...

I want to buy that princess perfume as a present for myself ;) those cat lipsticks are just ttoooo adorable!