Saturday, January 29, 2011


A (winter-y) kind of s u m m e r outfit !

I wore this a couple of days ago. It has been really, really hot here in Sydney but now we have hit a little bit of a cold snap (and by that I mean a pleasant 25 degrees, thank god!). This skirt is one of my favourites, I think its one of the best things I've found at thrift store. It's maroon with small, shiny polka dots all over also has a built in petticoat and a beaded hem!

In case anyone was interested, I had a great time at my grandmother's house at the coast! Everyday was spent at the beach or in the pool... or canoeing on the river. Such a good place to spend all those hot summer days!

au revoir!
(p.s sorry about bad quality photos---vladamir (my SLR) is having a few technical problems)

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