Sunday, January 30, 2011

K i p p e r !

K i p !

Meet the newest member of my family!

My mum surprised me with him today! I have been pestering her for another dog for ages, my other dog, Max, has been lonely since our old dog, Rosie died a couple of years back. :(

So today my mum came home from my grandmas house (the one I was at earlier last week) and said "Loren go look in the car, your grandma got max a new bed" and what did I find?
A beautiful apricot Moodle puppy sitting on max's new bed!

A moodle is a maltese x toy poodle and he is small enough to put in my shoes ( I know, I've tried)
My parents got him for me as a late graduation present, and I think he's just about the best present I've ever recieved! He is so sweet. He is just as playful and he is cuddly! Speaking of such, I think I'll go cuddle him now!

au revoir!

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