Friday, October 2, 2009


Last week I was able to cross off one point on my 'summer wish list' found here. I bought a denim shirt! Its very exciting, and due to my being, well, gravitationally advantaged, it is very long on me. I got it from a store which has by far the worst service in history, the girls who worked there were so rude! The shop is called 'forecast'. I think it's an Australian shop only. It's a shop I don't usually visit, but I did last week as I was in search of a pair of shorts which are copies of the Chloe scalloped-edged shorts, they didn't have them, but I will return later and see if they have arrived. I have also been frantically looking for my heart print stockings and I can't find them anywhere!? Anyone from Sydney know where a girl can find a pair of heart print nylons?
au revoir.


Anonymous said...

oh no, would this happen to be the Forcast store on George street? (assuming you live in Sydney) last time i was in there the only attention they paid me was checking my schoolbag, as they thought i was lifting. dev.

The feather fleurette said...

yes it's that one! haha well the jokes on them. Remember when the news was all up in thier grill cause they had rats roaming around the store, and they had to close it down for like, a month. it was last summer. so funny. yes the girls are evil. and far too suspect.