Saturday, October 3, 2009


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Yesterday when I was a work, I bought these amazing stockings! I work in a vintage shop, and I came across these a few weeks ago, but I weirdly looked past them. They are quite amazing. They are a very thin, sheer-like white stocking...with little blue rhinestones all over them! I have never seen anything like them! I have sort of been in love with the idea of embellished stockings ever since Rodarte and Mui Mui showed them a couple of seasons ago, but these are kind of a mix between my current obsession with polka dot/heart-print tights and embellished stockings. I am a little worried about wearing them out a lot, due to the fact that they are so fragile and old, my heart will break if they get a ladder, but then again I think, whats the point of having them if I aren't to wear them? I just have to be careful, wish me luck!
au revoir.

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matilda said...

i have to say, those tights are lovely
and i want them!
i'd also quite like your job, it sounds pretty sweet :)

ps. your post reminded about how i've wanted to try this for aaages: