Wednesday, May 5, 2010

my babies!

F u n k i s S a n d a l C l o g s !

On the weekend, I finally bought what has been haunting my mind ever since the start of summer last year! I don't really know what to call them...wooden sandals? I just love them. They are just perfect! They are from this Swedish homewears/fashion shop called Funkis. Luckily they have a few stockists in Sydney so I was able to get them! When I got home from buying them, I showed my dad to which he said (in his famous Swedish accent) "You know Loran, your grandmother in Sweden has those exact same ones. Are they Funkis? She wears them all the time- they are such old lady shoes"
Then call me an old lady, I say! I look so forward to wearing them with lots of chambray and white and tights and socks!
H0pefully the purchase of my new favourite shoes will subside all the sandal/clog talk on the blog for a while!

In other news::: I have gotten a few lovelies in the past couple of days- an amazing fashion week!! I got my favourite chambray Secret Squirrel dress, and a that leopard print cardigan from Cotton On that one of my readers so nicely suggested to me!

Pictures later!

au revoir ♥

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bianca said...

ohh..i love these!! they are so gorgeous!! xx