Wednesday, May 26, 2010

60's inspirations part iii/

M a r r i a n n e F a i t h f u l l ! ♥

Mick Jagger's lady.
She Can also be my lady if she so wishes...just look how beautiful she was! My favourite picture is the one to the left, the velvet bow! the wondrous 60's hair! the lace top!
There is a reason she was a major fashion icon of the 60's.

Her style is sort a combination of 60's mod and the 60's british, sort of military style, which I love. Doing these posts I have come to realize how much of what choose to wear these days is because of the inspiration intrinsically instilled in my mind since all those years ago (two...maybe three) when I idolized these women. Even now I cannot doubt how amazing they are. The 60's if by far my favourite decade, followed closely by the 70's...why wasn't I alive then??? RUDE.
au revoir!


goldennightingale said...

Lor, you beast.
You like Francoise Hardy AND Marianne Faithful?

This just makes you that much cooler.

B said...

Hey, thanks for featuring these 3 awesome girls. I really enjoyed reading up on them. I'm quite in love with the 60's hair- so simple and pretty.

I actually did a post about it on my blog awhile back but focused on Carey Mulligan in An Education. Anna Karina has the same great hair.

B from A plus B