Saturday, May 15, 2010

c a l f !

Yesterday I went by Rozelle markets and I picked up this adorable little calf figure for my new room. It was $2, so great!
I have been collecting thing for my room ever since January, when renovations began. Presently, I have : three 70's paintings (a scene of swan lake, a lake and forest scene that looks like it came right out of the film Twilight, and an 18th century ship on a deep blue sea); a crochet flower painting; a whale figurine; a beautiful white and baby blue lace bedspread; various bottles for housing crayons, pencils etc; and fairy lights.
I Can't wait to start decorating, and to show everyone! Right now, my room is floor-less in parts, wall-less in parts and dirty as all hell.
Still unlivable! :(

A u revoir!
(p.s Thanks to all of the people who just started following me! I love my followers so much!!)

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