Tuesday, November 30, 2010

An open letter to... s u m m e r

Dear Summer,
Today is the first day of you, Summer, so I thought I would write a little letter to tell you my hopes for you. This is the summer that everyone remembers as 'the best time of their lives thus far' because they don't have school to worry about for the first times in their lives. Summer, I would like you to ensure that I will be one of those people. You can do this for me in a few ways:
1. Make the weather sunny and warm enough to go exploring on the many beaches of Sydney with my friends.
2. Make the weather sunny and warm so that I can run around in flimsy cotton dresses and skirts all day without a care, just like a kid.

3. Make the ocean clear and cool and ripe with many different hues of blue and green.

4. Make a smile never fleet from the faces of myself and my company....

...And let me wear clogs every day!
Thanks Summer, much appreciate it, until next time,


Anonymous said...

I wish it was summer here. It snowed this morning, so couldn't be more far off x

the girl that stole the eiffel tower said...

I'm surrounded by lovely lovely snow too.. :) x

The feather fleurette said...

I am so jealous that you guys get to experience snow annually! You have to drive a few hours away to the mountains to get a small amount of snow in winter in Australia...

the girl that stole the eiffel tower said...

I'm looking out the window at a very white landscape indeed.. All of Ireland is having a caniption,nobody can get to work! and my schools closed until monday :D x