Monday, November 15, 2010

The beginning of summer...

F r e e d o m !

(Kate, Thirza + Me)
Alright, so although it is technically not summer yet, all of us school-finishers are on a huge break, which is amazing as we have spent the majority of the year stressing and working hard completing the HSC. The weather has been all summer-ey and crazy too! All weekend it was over thirty degrees (ridiculously warm for spring) and today it has been raining like crazy! What's going on Spring?!
Lots of hanging out with various friends has lead to me having such a great time the past couple of weeks, and everyone else isn't even on break yet! In the past week, it's been really nice to go on a few picnics with my best friends, Izzie, Kate and Thirza.
Here are a few of the shots from said picnics.

K a t e
I s s i e
M o i
C h i r z a
(Reading her 'birthday book' that we made to celebrate her eighteenth birthday, which we finally got to celebrate with a picnic at the Botanical Gardens, complete with picnic rugs, loads of food and a special birthday cookie for her to make a birthday wish on!)
The Birthday Cookie
Kate + Izzie enjoying the set-up we had at a park in Lane Cove.
Our set up in the Botanical Gardens, one of our all time favourite summer chill spots.

I am wearing ---
Top: Vintage
Shorts: Alexandra Grecco
Sunglassess: Karen Walker
Necklace + Bracelet: Vintage

A cute little photobooth photo from when the three of us visited a shopping center today.

I hope those of you also on a break are having just as good time of freedom as I am!
au revoir!


Vicky said...

Aw, these photos are really cute x

Chelsea Lane said...

awh I love your blog! it's so adorable, following!

the girl that stole the eiffel tower said...

I've missed your posts so muuuuch!



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