Sunday, August 15, 2010

im alive!

To my lovely readers,
Just wanted to do a little post to tell you that I am alive and studying like mad woman. As such, little proper blogging is happening at the moment, and with my trial exams next week I don't think I'll be able to do a proper post for a little while. It's just easier to use tumblr at the moment, so remember that if you want a little bit of Feather Fleurette, you can just find me here, tumbling away.Please bear with me, in a couple of weeks I will be back to being a devoted blogger!
For right now, I will tell you that I bought my first designer piece of clothing last week. It's just amazing. I need to do a few modifications to it as it is too big, but it will be lovely when it's done. I promise to do a little photoshoot with it, it's just too special to not blog about. Here's a hint: Lover.
Au revoir guys!

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