Saturday, August 7, 2010

D u n g a r e e !

D u n g a r e e / o v e r a l l s! ♥

A little bit heavy, a little bit cute, the dungaree dress is perfect for when the weather warms up! It's a bit of a random thing to want to buy, but recently I have been scouring op shops for a nice pair of overalls, or a denim dungaree dress. As a child, I had so many intense fights I had with my mother over not wanting to wear overalls. Dresses were my clothe of choice. Now, I can think of nothing nicer than a pair of wooden clogs, tortoiseshell sunglasses, a white button-up shirt and a light denim dungaree dress/overalls. How can I not admire such an outfit when Rhiannon, from Liebemarlene and Alexa Chung pull it off so well???
au revoir!
p.s My friend Alex reminded me the other day, that my posts have pretty much been like this one for a while, a few pictures and a little writing... I apoligize but the blog will be like this, or a little quieter until Novemeber, while i'm doing my HSC. Come November and summer, and as I have nothing else to do, I plan on re-vamping the blog- outfit posts, inspiration, videos, collection reviews, interviews, the lot! Look forward to summer my readers, you will be in for a big, good change :)

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Anonymous said...

I've wanted a dungaree dress for ages aswell, but STILL haven't found the perfect one x