Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Zooey Deschanel + T h e b e l l e s o f t h e b l a c k d i a m o n d f e i l d !
I am currently smitten with the Belles of the Black Diamond Feild. Not only do they produce THE most amazingly beautiful films that I have probably ever seen, but now Zooey Deshanel (my love in life) is in one!
It's been round since 2006, their silent- film "lay down lean" but I have really only just discovered the beauty in it. The short film is based on a poem by Edna st. Vincent Millay...most of the films by .t.b.o.t.b.d.f. are films inspired by poems. The girls in these films : the amazing Sarah Sophie Flicker(who also directed and produced it) who is the brunette to the left in the top picture with the apples, the redhead Karen Elson and Zooey Deshanel are what I long to be. They are so picturesquely beautiful, with their romantic, dreamy hair; their slightly- Edwardian wardrobe and their amazing false-eye lashed clad makeup...all of their films are styled by Leighth Clarke, editor-in-chief of Lula.
I also love the music in the movie---the soundtrack was created by Zooey herself! The song in which Zooey dances to (which begins at 4:45 -this is my favorite part of the film, the dress Zooey wears is the most magnificently perfect thing!! so I suggest watching only this bit if you don't want to watch it all) is by Ruth Etting, one of my favourite Jazz singers of the twenties. I love the contrast of the upbeat jazz at the end, the more traditional "silent film" music at the beginning, and the gentle chime and piano filled music that runs throughout.
More than anything, I suggest you watch it:

♥ ♥

(Karen Elson and Sarah Sophie Flicker
p.s : The belles of the black diamond field collaborated with Lula on the short film "spell" which I did a post about a month or so ago)


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